The finest dishes from the best Italian cuisine with a mexican touch, prepared with fresh local organic products.


Mixed cheese plate: prosciutto di Parma, Bresaola and salame with green tomato marmalade, Kalamata olives, nuts and fruit
$ 280
Beef carpaccio, marinated mushrooms, capers, arugula and parmesan cheese
$ 200
Octopus Carpaccio, tapenade, creamy peppers and potatoe chips
$ 195
Beef bonemarrow, corn sope with Sirloin from Cañada de la Virgen, fresh cow cheese and molcajete sauce
$ 185
Eggplant tamal, Sicilian caponata and crispy basil
$ 180
Fish ceviche, pico de gallo with mango and coriander sprouts
$ 185
Sashimi salmon, home smoked and marinated, cucumber, Radish and poblano caviar
$ 190
Burrata with heirloom and cherry tomatoes, served with balsamic reduction and fresh basil
$ 220


Lettuce mix, goat cheese, roasted couliflower and carrots, dehydrated white grapes, toasted pumkin seeds with citric and herbs dressing
$ 160
Arugula salad with mustard leaves, Pecorino cheese, toasted hazelnuts, cherry tomatoes and red fruit balsamic dressing
$ 170


Directo del Océano, caldo de pescado y mariscos hecho según la tradición antigua
$ 280


Spaghetti Caserecci with clams and white wine
$ 230
Canneloni alla Bolognese
$ 210
Spinach Tagliatella with Rabbit Ragú and cabbage
$ 220
Plin stuffed with peas, sage and butter sauce
$ 200
Orecchiette with cherry tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil
$ 200
Risotto, Carnaroli rice with mixed mushrooms
$ 240


Catch of the day, seared white fillet, cous cous with veggies, almond sauce and fried kale
$ 280
Pork Chop with morita chile sauce, served with criollo corn
$ 290
Veal Ossobuco served with sauted snow peas and brussel sprouts
$ 380
Chicken with white mole served with fried platano macho
$ 250
FISH OF THE DAY IN SEA-SALT CRUST 550 / kg Our fish change daily base don the marked availability

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